Lightning observation. lightning discharge. lightning phenomena.surges. lightning strokes. lightning waveforms. surge current.


Windmillfs 24/7 lightning monitoring system
Automatic Lightning Picturing Camera: PH700KG
Lightning passage capturing video system
Current Wave Recording System
Automatic Lightning Picturing System

Electric Charge Amount Surge Counter: PBQSC-501
Electric Charge Surge Counter
Independent Surge Counter
Remote Type Surge Counter

Electromagnetic Amplifier
Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Wideband Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Electric/Magnetic Antenna
Rogowski coil

EO/OE Converter (standard version)
EO/OE Converter (low power version)
3ch. OE Conversion Unit
3ch. Trigger Level Unit
Integral-ATT-EO Conversion Unit
Optical Fiber Isolation System

High speed multiple-lightning strokes recording system (16ch)
High speed surge waveform recording system (16ch)
High Speed AD Storage Device
2ch. Mass Storage Device
3ch. Mass Storage Device

GPS Clock
GPS Clock-DC

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Electric Charge Surge Counter: PH312-064

Electric Charge Surge Counter detects lightning surges using a current sensor and calculates the electric charge from current waveform. Waveform data is not stored.
The data is transferred to your office PC through RS232C. The data is the electric charge, peak current value, the current polarity and the time. Q = I x T, Max: 9,999coulomb

Current sensor unit
1) Split core current transformer (can be installed on existing cables)
2) Rogowski coil (can be installed at the bottom of existing towers)
Wave analysis unit Amplifier/waveform sensing analysis unit is supplied. For measurements taken in the field, the unit is placed inside a waterproof plastic box.
Recording unit Display/operation/clock/data memory/communication port.
Optical fiber receives the data from waveform analysis unit.
Recording unit can also be placed in a waterproof plastic box.

Current range Requested Maximum Current measurement value is the factory default setting. Measurement resolution is 20 times better (up to 200kA Max. at Min. current 100A.)
Trigger level Can be set from 5% of Maximum current value (factory default setting)
Frequency range 0.1Hz`1MHz
Accuracy Within } 15%
Data resolution 8bit
Optical fiber Single mode
Maximum length 100 meters
Accuracy of time Accurate within }2minutes per month (no optional clock)
Number of data record 200
Data transfer RS232C (D-sub, 9-pin)
Communication software Microsoft Windows - HyperTerminal
Power supply
Waveform analysis unit Lithium battery (}9V-1AH 006p type x 2)
Recording unit Lithium battery (}9V-1AH 006p type x 1)
Battery life time 2 years (approx.)

Recording unit 145W x 265D x 105H(mm)
Waveform analysis unit 145W x 265D x 105H(mm)
W/waterproof box 230W x 180D x 372H(mm)
Split core current transformer CT200: 200mm O.D. (123mm I.D.) x 40mm thk
CT90: 90mm O.D. (34mm I.D.) x 30mm thk
Rogowski coil O.D. 300 to 5,000mm

* GPS clocks and VLF clocks are available as option.

Direct lightning measurement with camera or VCR System. Rogowski Coil. optical-electronic converter (OE/EO).
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