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Windmill’s 24/7 lightning monitoring system
Automatic Lightning Picturing Camera: PH700KG
Lightning passage capturing video system
Current Wave Recording System
Automatic Lightning Picturing System

Electric Charge Amount Surge Counter: PBQSC-501
Electric Charge Surge Counter
Independent Surge Counter
Remote Type Surge Counter

Electromagnetic Amplifier
Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Wideband Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Electric/Magnetic Antenna
Rogowski coil

EO/OE Converter (standard version)
EO/OE Converter (low power version)
3ch. OE Conversion Unit
3ch. Trigger Level Unit
Integral-ATT-EO Conversion Unit
Optical Fiber Isolation System

High speed multiple-lightning strokes recording system (16ch)
High speed surge waveform recording system (16ch)
High Speed AD Storage Device
2ch. Mass Storage Device
3ch. Mass Storage Device

GPS Clock
GPS Clock-DC

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Electric Charge Amount Surge Counter: PBQSC-501


Excellent performance Lightning electric charge amount surge counter is finally available with affordable price.
hotonics has been the leading supplier of lightning current waveform recording system.
And it is based on the long term experience.

Lightning electric charge amount surge counter gives current peak value, polarity,
electric charge and lightning time which make the analysis in detail.

The system consists of rogowski coil and measurement unit.
Rogowski coil is installed on the tower base.
The measurement unit is operated with battery (commercial battery is OK)
and can be used indoor or outdoor.

Key features

Measurement resolution of lightning current's starting point value and electric charge is improved.
a : Frequency range: 7 digits (0.1Hz to 1MHz: -3dB)
b : Lower frequency is extended to 0.1Hz. With this achievement, long tailed lightning current's electric amount measurement resolution is dramatically improved.
c : Peak value measurement resolution is dramatically improved with 1MHz at the higher frequency.
d : Frequency gain characteristics is totally flat over the range.

a : Data is kept in SD memory card. Filed working is much easier.
b : Data capturing via LAN or mobile networking.
c : Above features offer the sufficient lightning current information for Windmill remote controlling.

Lightning detection is judged by the current threshold. This can be set by a customer.

a : Alarm is set for current value and electric charge amount error.
b : Electric charge amount threshold setting is in SD memory card. It can be set by a customer.

GPS clock is installed with UTC accuracy: +/- 1sec, +/-1msec for lightning time recording.

Current and electric charge can be recorded for each blade.
It can distinguish the damaged blade and it offers the easier maintenance.
Also, it makes easier to manage each blade's accumulated charge amount.
Simple current sensor for lightning detection.
With signal from the sensor, the system can measure each blade's current and electric charge amount.

Installtion sample

Lightning electric charge amount surge counter (preliminary)

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Direct lightning measurement with camera or VCR System. Rogowski Coil. optical-electronic converter (OE/EO).
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