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Windmill’s 24/7 lightning monitoring system
Automatic Lightning Picturing Camera: PH700KG
Lightning passage capturing video system
Current Wave Recording System
Automatic Lightning Picturing System

Electric Charge Amount Surge Counter: PBQSC-501
Electric Charge Surge Counter
Independent Surge Counter
Remote Type Surge Counter

Electromagnetic Amplifier
Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Wideband Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Electric/Magnetic Antenna
Rogowski coil

EO/OE Converter (standard version)
EO/OE Converter (low power version)
3ch. OE Conversion Unit
3ch. Trigger Level Unit
Integral-ATT-EO Conversion Unit
Optical Fiber Isolation System

High speed multiple-lightning strokes recording system (16ch)
High speed surge waveform recording system (16ch)
High Speed AD Storage Device
2ch. Mass Storage Device
3ch. Mass Storage Device

GPS Clock
GPS Clock-DC

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Electromagnetic Amplifier: PH300147

Electromagnetic Amplifier detects electromagnetic waves emitted by lightning discharge and integrates/amplifies the signals. It is composed of an input amplifier and an integrating amplifier with a broad frequency bandwidth of 1kHz - 10MHz. It can also be used as an instrument in analyzing electromagnetic waves generated by lightning discharge. It is a lightning electromagnetic field integrating amplifier with excellent maximum receiver sensitivities (15V/m for electric fields and 50nT for magnetic fields). The integrating amplifier has 2 channels each for for electric and for magnetic fields.

Receivable electric field bandwidth
(fast antenna)
1kHz to 5MHz
Receivable electric field bandwidth
(slow antenna)
0.1Hz to 100kHz
Electric field integrating amplifier noise level < 10mVp-p
Magnetic field minimum receiver sensitivity 50nT (0.5mG)
Receivable magnetic field bandwidth (2ch) 1kHz to 5MHz
Magnetic field integrating amplifier noise level < 10mVp-p
Output level (electromagnetic field) 1Vp-p
Output impedance (electromagnetic field) 50 ohm
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz
(with Lightning protection transformer)
Power consumption 50VA

Dimension 430 (W) x 230(D) x 50(H) mm
Weight < 5kg

E-PH300147 brochure

Direct lightning measurement with camera or VCR System. Rogowski Coil. optical-electronic converter (OE/EO).
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