Lightning observation. lightning discharge. lightning phenomena.surges. lightning strokes. lightning waveforms. surge current.


Windmill’s 24/7 lightning monitoring system
Automatic Lightning Picturing Camera: PH700KG
Lightning passage capturing video system
Current Wave Recording System
Automatic Lightning Picturing System

Electric Charge Amount Surge Counter: PBQSC-501
Electric Charge Surge Counter
Independent Surge Counter
Remote Type Surge Counter

Electromagnetic Amplifier
Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Wideband Triaxial Magnetic Field Meter
Electric/Magnetic Antenna
Rogowski coil

EO/OE Converter (standard version)
EO/OE Converter (low power version)
3ch. OE Conversion Unit
3ch. Trigger Level Unit
Integral-ATT-EO Conversion Unit
Optical Fiber Isolation System

High speed multiple-lightning strokes recording system (16ch)
High speed surge waveform recording system (16ch)
High Speed AD Storage Device
2ch. Mass Storage Device
3ch. Mass Storage Device

GPS Clock
GPS Clock-DC

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3 Channels Mass Storage Device: PH36066A/3CH

3 channels mass storage device: PH36066A/3CH records high-speed/large-volume signals. This unit contains a circuit board which has a 1 channel A/D converter, and a detachable 3-MW high-speed memory storage unit.
Sampling frequency is arbitrarily configurable from 1MHz to 5MHz. This unit can record up to 15 phenomena per each channel in the image of multiple-lightning strokes. The recorded data is transmitted to your PC via P-I/O port.

Input impedance 50 ohm
Rated input voltage +/- 5VDC
A/D converter
Bit length: 10bit (internal: 12bit)
Sampling frequency: 1 to 5MHz (default at factory)
Number of channels: 3 channels/board
Memory part
Memory unit: S-RAM memory
Word configuration: 16-bit/word
Capacity: 2M word
Trigger input mode External trigger
External trigger input signal 5V-TTL level
Trigger output 5V-TTL level (trigger output terminal to GPS Clock)
Pre-trigger range 0 to 100%
Interface Parallel transmission to PC
Base PCI-2746C・・(INTERFACE Co., Ltd.)
Software The data in the memory unit is stored in a PC
and filed with the GPS trigger time.
Power supply AC100V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 20VA

Dimension 430W x 230D x 88H[mm]
Weight 4kg

Direct lightning measurement with camera or VCR System. Rogowski Coil. optical-electronic converter (OE/EO).
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